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Due to General Elections scheduled in Uttar Pradesh (Noida) on 11th April 2019, CBEC Mitra Helpdesk shall not be available between 06.00 AM to 18.00PM. You can send your queries through e-mails to CBECMitra.helpdesk@icegate.gov.in or web-ticketing available under HELP tab on CBEC-gst.gov.in. We will get back to you after the services resume. We deeply regret for any inconvenience caused.                       Central Excise : Filing of application for New Registration and Amendment :- Regular functionality can be carried out fully now                       The RFD-01 B functionality in refunds module has been made available to field formations. All are advised to issue RFD-1B for all the manually processed RFD-1A's, Advisory has been sent to chief Commissioner office of the respective zones                       Self Help Portal (Grievance Redressal Portal for GST) is also now being enabled for Taxpayers today                       Form GST REG-10- Application of registration by On line information and data base access or retrieval services (OIDAR) & processing of the registration application by the CBEC Officials and API related to it for CBEC, has been released.                       A compilation of 51 GST Flyers has been uploaded on the aces website.For details please click here                      Form for application of cancellation of registration by (new) taxpayer, is now available on GST portal.                       Creation and submission of Form GSTR 5 by Non-resident taxable person is now available on GST Portal, for giving details of ITC taken, amendments, supplies made etc by them.                       GSTR 1 & GSTR 4 Return filing for Opt-in and Opt-out of Composition scheme have been enabled.                       Track Return Status is now available post login to taxpayers on the GST Portal, to track the status of submitted/filed return.                       Offline utility for Table 7A of Form GST TRAN 1 has been made available in GST portal                       Certain workarounds for claiming Refund have also been made available . For details please log in to https://www.gst.gov.in                       Facility to revise Form GST TRAN-1 has been enabled for Taxpayers who had already filed it. If revision is resulting in downward credit, Taxpayer should be able to file only if he has sufficient balance in his credit ledger. Taxpayers who are filing it for the first time will not be able to revise it immediately. Functionality to revise the TRAN-1 for those who do not fulfill the above criteria shall be enabled shortly.                      Form GSTR-4 online upload functionality is now made available to taxpayers for uploading of their quarterly returns. Earlier Excel based GSTR-4 Offline tool was provided to taxpayers, to prepare their Form GSTR-4 offline.                      Form GST REG-09 - Application of registration by Non Resident Taxable Person is now available- For More details visit gst.gov.in                      Opt out of composition scheme is now available for the taxpayer from earlier and future dates - For more details visit gst.gov.in                      Facility to revise Form GST TRAN-1 has been enabled for Taxpayers who had already filed it. If revision is resulting in downward credit, Taxpayer should be able to file only if he has sufficient balance in his credit ledger. Taxpayers who are filing it for the first time will not be able to revise it immediately. Functionality to revise the TRAN-1 for those who do not fulfill the above criteria shall be enabled shortly.                      Form GSTR-4 online upload functionality is now made available to taxpayers for uploading of their quarterly returns. Earlier Excel based GSTR-4 Offline tool was provided to taxpayers, to prepare their Form GSTR-4 offline.                      Circular No. 14/14/2017 ? GST, dated 06.11.2017 (CLICK HERE) on deemed export supplies from DTA to EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP Units and Circular No. 15/15/2017 ? GST, dated 06.11.2017 (CLICK HERE) on the due date for generation of FORM GSTR-2A and FORM GSTR-1A have been issued                      On the GST portal , Taxpayer has been provided with facility to file their export data, Table 6A of Form GSTR 1, from the month of August, 2017 onwards, to enable validation and sanction of refund. This data once filed, need not be filed by taxpayer again at the time of filing returns, of the relevant months. Further Input Service Distributors can now view Table 6A i.e. auto drafted details of inward supplies made to them by their suppliers.                      Order extending date of submitting the declaration in FORM GST TRAN-1 under rule 117 of the Central Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017 has been issued by CBEC . For details CLICK HERE                       The Opt-In for Composition Levy for 2017-18 is available on GST portal. The window for opting in for composition levy for 2017-18 will be open till 30th Sep midnight.It will be applicable from 1st Oct 2017. Registration of TDS service will be available on GST portal shortly.                       The ER1 & ER2 utilities, both online & offline versions, are now available for the period August, 2017 onwards, incorporating the changes made in the modified form of ER1 & ER2. The offline utilities are available in the Downloads section and taxpayers desiring to file their ER1 & ER2 returns online can do so using the modified versions.                       ER1 and ER2 offline utilities of excise returns for the period August 2017 onwards, incorporating the changes as per the modified forms of ER1 and ER2 are available in the DOWNLOADS section. Please download these utilities for filing the return for the period August 2017 onwards. The online version of ER1 and ER2 will be released shortly                       Attention all erstwhile Service Tax Payers who have either migrated or yet to migrate to GST : Please expedite to file your ST3/ST3C returns for the period April ? June, 2017-18 without waiting till last day i.e., 15.08.2017, so as to avoid inconvenience and last minute rush.                       Know your jurisdiction in GST Click here                       The ST3 & ST3C utilities for the period April-June,2017 -2018 are now available for filing. The latest offline utility can be downloaded from the downloads section of ACES portal. Taxpayers are requested to use these latest versions for filing their return . The last date for filing the said returns is 15th August, 2017 as envisaged under Notification No. 18/2017-ST dated 22.6.2017.                       For GST rates on Goods and Services, please Click here - Goods Rates , Service Rates                       Vide Notification No.18/2017-Service Tax dated 22.06.2017 provision has been made that the Form ST-3 or ST-3C Return for the period from the 1st day of April, 2017 to the 30th day of June,2017, shall be submitted by the 15th day of August, 2017 and the Revised return for the said period shall be submitted within a period of forty five days from the date of submission of the return. The ST3 & ST3C return utility, both Online and Offline, shall be made available shortly.                       CE/ST taxpayers who have not migrated to GST due to any reason till now, may apply for new registration under GST and obtain GSTIN at the earliest. For details see Advertisement published today i.e. June 29, 2017 in national news papers.                       GST registration FAQs are available in GST section Click here to read.                       New registration on GST portal would be available on 25thJune 2017 from 8 AM onwards.                       Provisional IDs will be reissued for those CE and ST assessees by 25th June 2017 whose Provisional IDs were cancelled due to not being activated by them.                       Attention all Importers and Exporters : For Customs related changes in GST, see 'Migration to GST' tab on CBEC - GST page Click here                       ATTENTION: All Central Excise/Service Tax taxpayers who have either not activated, or have not been able to submit enrolment forms yet, please DO NOT panic. Enrolment reopens on 25th-JUNE and will remain open beyond 1-JULY.                       TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE OF DIFFICULTY BEING FACED BY FEW TAXPAYERS IN GETTING THEIR NEW MOBILE NUMBER LINKED TO AADHAAR, UIDAI HAS PREPARED AN ADVISORY FOR EXPEDITIOUS UPDATING OF MOBILE NUMBER - Click here for Advisory,Click here for Contact details of CSC nodal office , Click here for GST DO Letter dated 07/06/2017                       Central Excise and Service Taxpayers are requested to complete the enrollment process on GST portal before 1st July 2017. This completion requires completely filling - up Form-20 and submitting the form with digital signatures. With this the authorized signatory would be able to conduct business on the portal.                       All Government departments who are registered with Central Excise/Service Tax are required to obtain a PAN in order to enrol under GST.                       Provisional IDs issued to Central Excise and Service Tax business entities registered in ACES till 31.01.2017 and not utilized by the entities are being cancelled as either not required or as non-usable. The IDs issued to entities registered in February and March 2017 or those IDs restored post State VAT cancellation are still active.                       In case an entity needs a provisional ID to migrate to GST, please contact jurisdictional Central Excise / Service Tax officer to get the new provisional ID. In addition, an email be sent to cbecmitra.helpdesk@icegate.gov.in from the entity's registered email ID in ACES. Kindly quote in the email subject line "PID required to migrate to GST" and provide your Central Excise / Service Tax Registration Number(s) in the email. Any issues faced earlier in enrollment may also be given in the email.                       The enrollment process on GSTN portal (gst.gov.in) would begin in a few weeks.                       Provisional Ids and passwords of taxpayers registered in February and March 2017 and also whose Provisional Ids and passwords were cancelled due to State VAT registration cancellation, are now available for GST enrolment. Taxpayers are requested to enrol before 30th April,2017.                       As a trade facilitation measure, the last date of filing Service Tax returns (ST3 & ST3C) for the period October 2016-March2017 has been extended to 30th April,2017. For details , Please Click here to see Order no.1/2017 dated 25/04/2017.                       The three Rules viz. Accounts and Records Rules, Advance Ruling Authority Rules & Appeal Rules have been uploaded and comments, if any, may be sent latest by 27/04/2017 to gst-cbec@gov.in .                       Provisional Id and password of taxpayers who have registered in February and March 2017 will be made available shortly for GST enrolment.                       Provisional Id and password of Central excise and Service taxpayers cancelled due to State VAT registration cancellation, will be restored shortly for GST enrolment.                       To enrol on GST portal use the provisional ID and password made available through ACES website or through your local range office. Your enrollment in time would allow an easy transition to GST for your business entity.                       Taxpayers are required to first enrol on GST portal before they can file Central Excise or Service Tax return.                       The Central GST Act /Integrated GST Act /Union Territory GST Act of Parliament received the assent of the President on the 12th April,2017.                       The Last date for filing of ST-3 return & ST3C (Return prescribed exclusively for OIDAR Services) for the period Oct-Mar 2016-2017 is 25th April, 2017. In order to avoid the last minute rush/payment of late fee, the Service Tax assessees are requested to file their ST-3/ST3C return at the earliest.                       <<<<<<< .mine Attention CX and ST Assessees : The last date for migration to GST has been extended to 30.04.2017.                       ======= The utilities for filing Service Tax Returns (ST-3 & ST3C) for the period October, 2016 - March, 2017 are now available in both offline and online version. The last date of filing the ST-3 & ST3C return, for the said period is 25th April,2017. For details, please see (What?s New).                       In case of any difficulty in accessing the ACES Application, the assessees can seek help of the CBEC-Mitra Service Desk by sending e-mail to cbecmitra.helpdesk@icegate.gov.in or calling up National Toll-free number 1800-1200-232.The CBEC-Mitra Service Desk functions 24/7.                       Kind Attention All Central Excise and Service Tax taxpayers migrating to GST, please note that Apart from CDAC eSign, NDSL?s eSign services will also become functional from 4th April 2017 for submission of Form 20. You may use NSDL's eSign also for submission of Form 20 on GST portal after activation of provisional ID. eSign is free to use during enrolment till 30th April 2017.                       Attention CX and ST Assessees : The last date for migration to GST has been extended to 30.04.2017.                       >>>>>>> .r1249 NEWLY INTRODUCED CGST/IGST/UTGST/COMPENSATION BILLS are available in What's New Section .Please see WhatsNew Section for details.                       Extension of e-payment deadline and of banking hours till midnight of 31.3.2017 for CE/ST assessees - Please Click here.                       All the Agency Banks will keep the counters of their designated branches conducting Government Business open for Transactions upto to 6.00 p.m. on 30th March 2017 and upto 8.00 p.m. on 31st March 2017 to meet the March-end rush. All electronic transactions (E-Payment facility) would, however continue till midnight on 31st March 2017. Assessees may avail of this facility.                       Attention CX and ST Assessees situated in the state of Telangana : Assessees situated in the State of "Telangana" but wrongly issued Provisional IDs for "Andhra Pradesh" have now been issued new IDs for "Telangana". The old IDs issued for "Andhra Pradesh" have been cancelled and can no longer be used for migration. You are requested to get new IDs from ACES and complete the GST Migration Process. In case of any difficulty, please contact the CBEC Mitra Helpdesk on cbecmitra.helpdesk@icegate.gov.in.                       FEW TAXPAYERS ARE ENCOUNTERING PAN MISMATCH ISSUES DURING MIGRATION TO GST. CERTAIN STEPS HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY GSTN TO HELP TAX PAYERS MIGRATE SUCCESSFULLY. FOR DETAILS, PLEASE SEE WHAT'S NEW SECTION.                       CE/ST ASSESSEES ARE REQUESTED TO SCHEDULE THEIR TAX PAYMENTS FOR MARCH 2017 WELL IN ADVANCE TO AVOID LAST MINUTE RUSH.                       The Commissionerate wise Migration status is available in what's new section.                       The status of migration of CE and ST assessees to GST as on 28.02.2017 is made available under Antarang.                       For the purpose of migration to GST, the "aggregate turnover" as per Section 2(6) of the REVISED DRAFT MODEL GST LAW ( November 2016) may be taken into account.                       All CX/ST Zonal Chief Commissioners to ensure speedy and smooth migration of taxpayers to GST by 30.04.2017. Please Click here to see member's D.O letter dated 28.02.2017 in this regard.                       CBEC LAUNCHES OFFICIAL MOBILE APP FOR GST. The MOBILE APP (CBEC GST MOBILE APP) can be downloaded at GOOGLE PLAY STORE now. The Mobile App gives all details about GST Draft LAWS/RULES and procedure for MIGRATION to GST by CENTRAL EXCISE/ SERVICE TAX ASSESSEES. CBEC 's GST HELPDESK can be contacted through the App round the clock by toll free number/email                       KIND ATTENTION ALL CE/ST ASSESSEES: Provisional ID for migration to GST have been issued to all Assessees registered in ACES till 31.01.2017. You are requested to complete the migration to GST by 30.04.2017.                       The ACES Service Desk Toll Free number 1800 425 4251 and E-mail ID aces.servicedesk@icegate.gov.in will not be available from 01.03.2017. Please call CBEC Mitra Helpdesk Toll Free number 1800 1200 232 and E-mail ID cbecmitra.helpdesk@icegate.gov.in for all queries and issues related to Central Excise, Service Tax & Goods and Services Tax.                       CETSH changes effective from 01.01.2017 have been incorporated in ACES. Please download the latest ER1 utility from the link http://centralexcisechennai.gov.in/Chn_I_2016_Files/ACES/AcesDownloads/Default.htm. For details, see what's new.                       Instructions and information of batches for GSTN Front-End training in Kanchipuaram in February 2017 are uploaded on Antarang home page. Please contact training@icegate.gov.in for queries.                       ALL CX/ST ZONAL CHIEF COMMISSIONERS ARE REQUIRED TO IMMEDIATELY CREATE GST MIGRATION SEVA KENDRAS TO ASSIST CE/ST ASSESSEES TO MIGRATE TO GST. IN THIS REGARD, PLEASE SEE MEMBER'S DO LETTER DATED 27.01.2017, ALSO SEE WHAT?S NEW SECTION FOR DETAILS.                       The taxpayers based abroad and desirous of making the Service Tax payment in respect of Cross border B2C OIDAR services provided online/electronically to consumers in taxable territory has been enabled through (https://cbec-easiest.gov.in) . Please see What's New section for more details.                       Application for Registration (Form ST 1A) for issuance of Registration Certificate (Form ST2A) in respect of service providers of Cross Border B2C Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval (OIDAR) Services are available in ACES from 01-12-2016. Please see What's New section for more details.                       In view of the introduction of GST w.e.f. 1.4.2017, the Combined Annual return for CE & ST assessees for 2015-16 is not required to be filed.                       All the TEMP based Registrants (Central Excise & Service Tax) are advised to get converted into PAN based Registrants immediately since only the PAN based Registrants will be considered for migration to GSTN for GST implementation. Please see What?s New Section for details of TEMP Central Excise & Service Tax Registrants.                       Excel Offline Utility for offline filing of ER-8 Return by Jewellery Manufacturers is available for download in ACES website. For details see "WHATS NEW".                       Revision of Return is available for Central Excise assessees w.e.f.17th August,2016 vide Notification No. 42/2016-CE (NT) dated 11.08.2016. For details please see What's New section.                       MODIFIED ER-8 RETURN FORMAT IS AVAILABLE FOR ASSESSEES WHO HAVE REGISTERED UNDER THE CATEGORY "JEWELLERY-7113" FOR FILING ONLINE IN ACES. RETURNS CAN BE FILED BY SUCH ASSESSEES FOR THE QUARTERS JAN-MAR'2016 AND APR-JUN'2016. THEY MAY NAVIGATE THROUGH THE MENU RET-->FILE RETURNS-->ER-8.                       Draft circular on Unjust Enrichment in Service Tax is available for feedback and comments. Send your feedback to commr.st-cbec@nic.in or sreeparvathy.sl@gov.in or mittal.drgaurav@gov.in by 6th September 2016. For details, see What's New Section.                       ER-8 return for manufacturers registered under the business category ?Jewellery-7113? will be made available shortly. Jewellery manufacturers, who are presently registered under any other category and have not amended their registration so far under, business category ?Jewellery-7113?, are requested to now amend their registration modifying the business category.                       A manufacturer or principal manufacturer of articles of jewellery or parts of articles of jewellery or both, is not required to submit ground plan for the purpose of obtaining central excise registration.                       Assessees can now opt for centralized registration and capture additional premises through A1 form. For details and procedure, see What?s New.                       The last date for Excise registration and duty payment for jewellery manufacturers has been extended upto 31.07.2016. For details please see What's New Section.                       New Accounting Codes have been allotted to Krishi Kalyan Cess - 00441509(Tax Receipts), 00441510 (Other Receipts), 00441512(Penalties). Assessees may tender their payments through EASIEST website (https://cbec-easiest.gov.in/). For details see What's New Section.                       CDR wise list of assessees having temporary registration of Central Excise and Service Tax of all the jurisdictions have been uploaded on http://centralexcisechennai.gov.in. This list may be utilised for taking action for conversion of all non-PAN based registrants to PAN based ones.                       Manufacturers of articles of jewellery falling under CETH 7113 can get registered by selecting the jewellery -7113 as Business Category in the A1 application form.                       New Accounting Codes have been allotted to Infrastructure Cess vide Pr.CCA, CBEC, New Delhi's OM NO. Coord/13-6/h/A/c/Vol.VIII/333 Dt. 28-3-2016. Assessees may tender their payments through EASIEST website (https://cbec-easiest.gov.in/). For details see WHAT'S NEW section.                       Specified jewellery manufacturers and manufacturers of readymade garments and made up articles of textiles are exempted from Physical verification of premises for their registration (Refer 6/2016-CE(NT) dt.1.3.2016). In case any automatic mail intimating the date and time of physical verification is received by such registrants, the mail may please be ignored.                       PAN is mandatory for obtaining Service Tax Registration for applicants other than Government Departments.For details, please see (What's New).                       All Central Excise and Service Tax assessees shall update their e-mail id and mobile number.                       Assessees having non-PAN based registration number, shall convert to PAN based registration number (Refer Notification No.7/2015-CE dtd 1.3.2015 and Order No. 1/2015-ST dtd 28.2.2015).                       New simplified procedure set for Registration in Central Excise vide Circular No. 997/4/2015-CX dated 28.02.2015 and in Service Tax vide Order No. 01/2015 - Service Tax dated 28.02.2015 (Please see details on CBEC site www.cbec.gov.in).                       With effect from 1st October 2014, every assessee shall electronically pay the service tax payable by him, through internet banking vide notification 9/2014-ST dated 11.07.2014.                       In case of any difficulty in accessing the ACES Application, the assessee can contact the ACES Service Desk either by sending e-mail to aces.servicedesk@icegate.gov.in or by calling up National Toll-free number 1800 425 4251.                       HELP DESK: The ACES Service Desk functions on working days from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM and on Saturdays between 9 AM to 2.30 PM.                      
Registration FAQs



Registration FAQs

     What is ACES?
The Central Board of Excise and Customs has developed a new software application called Automation of Central Excise and Service Tax (ACES), which aims at improving tax-payer services, transparency, accountability and efficiency in the indirect tax administration in India. This is a Mission Mode project (MMP) of the Prime Minister under the e-governance plan of the Govt. of India. ACES encompasses the entire gamut of Central Excise and Service Tax processes - registration, returns, accounting and reconciliation, refunds, dispute resolution, audit, provisional assessment, exports, claims, intimations and permissions.

     Who can use ACES?
The ACES application has interfaces for:
- Central Excise Assessees and Central Excise Departmental Officers
- Service Tax Assessees and Service Tax Departmental Officers.
- Also For Non Assessees who want to interact with the Department.


I already have a Registration with the department, do I have to register with ACES again?
As an existing Assessee your registration database has been migrated from present SERMON database to ACES. Your existing statutory registration number (assessee code) will remain the same. You are now required to only ?Register with ACES? which will enable you to be recognized by ACES as a user

As an existing assessees, how do I register with ACES?
As an existing assessee, an email containing a T-PIN number and a password would have been sent to the email id you had mentioned at the time of registration with the department. You have to click on the link given in the email to register with ACES. If you have not received the email, you are requested to contact your jurisdictional Range Officer or AC/DC with details of a valid email id for getting a fresh Tpin number.

How can I register as a new assessee ?
ACES system has a two step process for New Registrations?
a. First step is user registers with the ACES software online after selecting applicable Central Excise Portal or Service Tax Portal from the website www.aces.gov.in to become an ACES user.
b. Second step is the user fills up appropriate registration form and becomes an Assessee.


What is registration with ACES application and registration with Central Excise or Service Tax department? How do they differ?
With a view to automate and facilitate transactions of the assessees with the department a web based software project called ACES is introduced. To transact business online all users have to first register with ACES. This registration is not a statutory registration as envisaged in Central Excise or Service Tax Act but only a registration with the system. To register with the Central Excise or Service Tax department you are required to submit statutory registration form such as A1, A2, A3, ST1 etc online.

Who is an ACES user?
Any user who has filled in ACES user registration details, but not yet filled A1/A2/A3 forms is a ACES user.


How do I become an ACES user?
You can log onto the www.aces.gov.in through internet and click on ?Click here to Register with ACES? link and go through a process called ?ACES user Registration?, by selecting a user name and furnishing credentials like e-mail id, Unit Name, Designation and Phone Number. The system will then generate a password and send it by e-mail.

How does one log in to ACES once registered as an ACES user?
User will be selecting a user name which will be the user id initially. A system generated password is mailed on the e-mail address as mentioned in the ACES Registration details which can be used for logging into the system.

After I become an ACES user, how do I get converted to Assessee?
After re-login as mentioned in question above, user can proceed with the statutory registration with the department, by filling-in Forms A1/A2/A3 or ST1 or Declarant form as the case may be, to become an Assessee.

What happens when an ACES user logs into ACES for the first time?
On first Login user will be compelled to change the password and choose a new password, a hint question and answer.

What should I do after logging in to start the Registration Process in ACES?
In the login screen, select REG -> A1/A2/A3 or ST1 or Declarant select (form) and start filling the form with the details.

How do I know about which statutory registration form I need to fill?
Once you successfully login into the ACES application, the homepage displays the different statutory forms i.e. A1, A2, A3, Declaration and Non Assessee OR ST1 for Service Tax in tabular format mentioned with their category. You can choose as per the category your business falls under.

Is there an offline tool available for uploading Registration to the ACES, similar to that of Offline Returns?
There is no offline tool available currently for Registration, through which registration can be filled and uploaded directly to the database.


Can departmental officer file Registration forms on my behalf?
Yes, the range Superintendent can file a Registration on behalf of user if user desires so. The Superintendent has rights of filing the A1/A2/A3 or ST1 and Non Assessee forms. If user is not able to file the Registration through the Assessee interface then user can contact the range officer for filing the Registration on behalf of user.

What are the details I should have for filling registration application?
Some of the details you should have are
? Details of authorized signatories and all partners/directors/trustees etc
? Details of Bank account numbers
? Details of registration numbers under Companies Act, Sales Tax Act, IE code etc.
? Details of goods /raw materials used.

Is it mandatory to fill all the fields in the forms?
Only those fields marked with asterisk (?*?) in ACES application are mandatory fields and the same are to be filled before proceeding further

Can an Assessee register with ACES if one does not have PAN ?
Yes, Though ACES has a PAN based registration process, but if an Assessee does not have PAN, can still register with a Temporary Registration No.

How to select Commissionerate/Division and Range in respective dropdown during the filling of forms? Please help.
Once you identify the Commissionerate name and select it, you can select the Division/Range from the list of Divisions/ranges which is fetched by the system when the page gets refreshed.

How to select the category of Taxable Service?
To select the services for which you want to register, in ST1 form, click on the Search button with the magnifying glass. A list of services will be displayed in which the checkboxes on the left of the required services can be ticked to select them.

Can I add/delete Services?
Yes, in case where the activities undertaken by the user falls under different categories, he can select all the relevant services from the search list and add it to the relevant column. After adding, if he want do delete any services selected, he can delete selecting its check box and then pressing Delete button.


How to go to next page after first page?
If there are more than one page in the form say A1 Form, then ?Next? button is used to navigate to next page. In case of single page Form, Save button allows user to go to confirmation page.

Can I modify the previous page of the form before submission?
Yes, you can make changes in the previous pages. In case of multi page forms, you can navigate through ?Previous? button and can make changes. You can also click on ?Modify? button on the confirmation page, which will take you to the first page of the form to modify the contents.

What is the difference between SAVE and SUBMIT buttons?
Clicking on the ?Save? button makes the system display the confirmation screen where user can verify the details already entered by him in all previous pages before submission. Clicking on the ?Submit? button user?s request gets submitted for further processing and takes the user to acknowledgement page.

Is there a provision to save the Registration details while filing the A1/A2/A3 or Declarant forms?
The Registration details cannot be expressly saved midway/partially by the user while filing. However, the details of data already entered in the various screens of the form will be made available for further correction to the user (provided he has not pressed the CANCEL button) if there is a sudden disconnection midway. After submission of the form online, the user can see/take a printout of the submitted application.

Whether any enclosures need to be furnished along with the registration form?
There is no need to furnish any enclosures while filing the registration form online. However, in the case of Service Tax certain documents as mentioned in the system generated acknowledgement are required to be submitted within the stipulated time with the Superintendent.

How to get the acknowledgement for registration?
After successful submission of the form, an acknowledgement appears which confirms the submission. A unique number appears on this page which is the Registration Number and can be noted for future references.

What is the difference between M (AAGFK3632CXM001) and D (AAGFK3632CXD001) appearing in the Registration numbers generated by the system?.
The 12th character in your Registration number denotes to the type of registration. ?M? denotes to Manufacturers and ?D? denotes to Dealers in the case of Central Excise registrations.


After successful registration, Service Tax Registration Number is issued ending along with acknowledgement number, whether this Registration Number after generation of the RC by the respective officer would be same?
Number generated after successful submission of Registration Form, would be the same number as it would appear in the Registration Certificate for new assessees.

What happens to the Registration Form filled by a ACES user?
After the successful submission of the form, the application Form goes to AC/DC (having the Range of Assessee in his jurisdiction) in case of Central Excise and to Superintendent(Range) in the case of Service Tax for Generation of RC.

After filing registration application online, do I have to submit a hard copy of the same to the concerned jurisdictional officer?
There is no need to submit hard copy in case you have been able to successfully submit the registration form online in the case of Central Excise. In the case of Service Tax, supporting documents may have to be submitted as detailed in the previous answer.

How will I know that I have registered with Central Excise /Service Tax successfully?
An intimation of issuing of Registration Certificate will be sent through e-mail and the same can then be viewed under REG menu.

How will I get the Registration Certificate in ACES ?
The jurisdictional Deputy Commissioner/Assistant Commissioner generates the Registration Certificate after viewing the particulars in the application. The registration certificate will be duly signed and sent to the Assessee in the mode as selected in the application. After Post verification is completed, the Registration Certificate can be viewed under the REG menu by the assessee. In the case of Service Tax, post verification is not mandatory and Registration Certificate will be generated after document verification.

By mistake I selected wrong Jurisdictions in the A1 form, thus my application has reached to jurisdiction which I do not belong to. Now I want to again fill the A1 form and re-submit to correct jurisdiction but system does not allow me. Please help.
There is no need to file A1 form again. There is a provision in ACES where Assistant Commissioner (AC) or Deputy Commissioner (DC) will re-assign your application to correct jurisdiction. You can contact the jurisdictional officer if required.

How long will it take to get the registration Certificate?
After Submission of Registration Form, Departmental Officer will issue the Registration Certificate in a couple of working days, if otherwise found complete.


Whom to contact if the registration certificate is not received/issued?
You should contact your Jurisdictional Range Officer in the case of Service Tax and the Jurisdictional Asst/Deputy Commissioner in case of Central Excise, if you have not received Registration Certificate.

I have filed for A1 Registration, now I want to view my Registration Certificate, but when I go to the View RC link I am getting the message ?PV is under process?. Please help me as why can?t I view my RC?
Once Registration application has been filed, the Registration is approved by the AC and Registration certificate is issued. You will get the intimation of issue of Registration Certificate through e-mail. But the Registration certificate can be viewed only after approval of Physical Verification report.

What is Physical Verification and how is it performed using ACES?
After generation of Registration Certificate, the application is sent to the jurisdictional Range Officer(Superintendent) for physical verification of the premises in the case of Central Excise . The Range officer will choose a date for the verification and the same will be intimated through email to the Assessee. On completion of the verification a report will be filed by the Range officer in the system which will then be approved by the AC/DC.

I have filed a Declarant form, but after filing of Registration neither I have received the RC nor am I able to view it in my login.
There is no action attached to the Declarant form; users who have filed a Declarant form do not receive RC. The process for Declarant Assessees gets completed once the form is submitted.

Can I change my email id?
Yes, The email id for communication and password can be changed at any time.

I do not have a PAN number and I have already filed a Registration, I have been assigned a Registration number starting with TEMP. Will this temporary Registration number have an impact on my role in ACES, and how to convert this temporary Registration into permanent?
System issues a temporary Registration Number to the Assessee if he/she does not furnish PAN number while filing. The temporary Registration does not have any impact on working of the Assessee in the system and assessee having temporary Registration works normally. To get a permanent PAN based number Assessee can file an amendment in Registration mentioning the new PAN number obtained from the Income Tax department The amendment will again follow the same approval cycle as that of fresh registration.

Can an Assessee amend the Registration details?
Yes, Existing assessees can amend the details whenever required by filling in the details in the application again. New assessees can also amend the registration details after approval of Physical Verification report by the AC/DC. In certain cases (like change in constitution of business), the details changed may warrant a fresh physical verification or the issue of a new Registration Certificate.


What is the process to surrender the Registration?
You can submit online request for surrendering your Registration Certificate in ACES though:
REG-> Surrender RC (In case of CE)
REG->Surrender (In case of ST)
Once the surrender request is submitted by the Assessee, approval process passes through the Superintendent and then AC/DC.

How do I know if my surrender request is accepted?
You should receive an auto generated mail from the system once your surrender request is approved and accepted.

Can I access ACES once I have surrendered my Registration?
You will not be able to login to the ACES application once Registration has been surrendered.

I have filed an application as a Non-Assessee but the departmental officer user is not able to view the application. As a result he is not able to issue Non-Assessee Certificate.
A non-assessee can fill registration form himself or a designated Range Officer can generate Non-Assessee Code . There is no approval required in this process,hence no certificate will be issued by the Department. Once form is submitted, a Non-Assessee code is generated by the system. This code can be used to transact with the department and for making payment through the bank

How an Importer - intending to issue cenvatable invoices can register.
Importer should first follow the normal procedure as applicable to new registrants. At the time of filling A1 Application, he should select the "Business Category" as "Importer" and proceed to submit his Registration Form. Once filed, the normal registration process gets completed, and he will be issued with a RC Number in the format PAN + EI+ nnn.,( The 11th and 12th characters - denoting him as Excise Importer).



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